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Welcome friend! I'm Andrea - a creative soul, crazy for food, delicious recipes and DIY home projects including growing my veggies! Get ready because you'll have a yummy reason to stop by every week!

By now, (you’ve had two weeks) you should know what zone you live in and when to start planting what, based on your climate. But now we’re going to dive a little deeper. Before we talk about raised beds, I thought I would start with the Lettuce Grow. I actually love my Lettuce Grow. If you’ve never […]

Let us Grow… Lettuce Grow

Lettuces Grown on Lettuce Grow

Before we get started on talking about all things garden, we need to cover a few basic facts. In order to prepare your soil or yard for gardening, you must first know what zone you live in. If you’re in South Florida, like me, then you live in zone 10b. That’s important, so make sure […]

What’s your zone?

Gardening in Homestead FL

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home and in my home it’s the place we usually gather around to have conversations… and eat some good food. The Kitchen Fixing the Dish was a food blog I put together back in 2016 when I was meal prepping for myself and two girl friends […]

Welcome to my kitchen and my garden!

Zone 10b

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