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Welcome friend! I'm Andrea - a creative soul, crazy for food, delicious recipes and DIY home projects including growing my veggies! Get ready because you'll have a yummy reason to stop by every week!

Well hello again! It’s been a while. I had created this amazing editorial calendar of content for the blog but between work and other things this passion project had taken a backseat. Sometimes those breaks are also needed so that you can regain your strength and focus when you get back into the rhythm of […]

Food for Thought: Breaking Bread

Rosemary Bread

Have I ever told you the story about when I almost moved to Boone, North Carolina in the middle of quarantine? I was trying to run away from my past and my problems, but especially from letting people get to know the real me. 

Food for Thought: Grow where you’re planted

One of my spiritual gifts is hospitality. As a matter of fact, I plan on owning a bed and breakfast someday, or a pretty house with lots of rooms, just so that I can have my friends sleep over and I can feed them yummy food.  A few months ago, our Pastor preached on how Jesus was […]

Food for Thought: You CAN sit with us!

Mediterranean themed Dinner Parties

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